August Brown Capital

About Us

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Our Story

August Brown Management Consulting has supported $1.7B in funding for USDA-based lending to small to mid-sized innovative companies with great growth potential. In performing due diligence on these companies, several trends emerged around the benefits of leveraging circularity and integrating into the circular economy in its various forms. It was recognized that a significant number of these solid businesses could benefit from more capital and presented excellent opportunities for investment.

August Brown Capital was formed to take advantage of these investment opportunities and leverage the insights that the consulting business provides in various industries in an independent and ethical way.

Our Vision

It is the mission of August Brown Capital’s Renewal Growth Fund I to enable small to mid-size rural businesses to thrive in the next decade by leveraging all the benefits of adopting principles of circularity so they can grow, add jobs and be an economic growth engine for their local communities.

Our Mission

August Brown Capital Renewal Growth Fund I will deploy capital towards small and midmarket companies that are operating in the circular economy, have a potential to participate/support a circular economy or can greatly leverage the operating principles of circularity. By focusing on portfolio companies in rural and the central US, August Brown will support the adoption of global best practices of circularity, helping these companies realize new operational efficiencies and gain access to new markets so they can compete on a global stage.